Our Impact

We Are Kreating a Difference!

Food for All!

Communities need nutritious foods, clean water and materials to survive, grow and flourish. As of 2023, over 811 million people worldwide suffer from hunger. Approximately 50 million people are facing emergency levels of hunger across 45 countries, and the numbers continue to ascend. The United Nations have set a sustainable development goal (SDG 2) and are working towards reducing hunger by 2030.

Based on current projections, the zero-hunger goal set in 2030 has a high probability of not being achieved due to the increasing trend in world hunger.

ShareTheMeal is an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)- the world’s largest humanitarian organization that fights against world hunger. Donations from the ShareTheMeal app support various WFP operations to provide emergency food assistance. Through the ShareTheMeal foundation, Kreatipedia’s goal is to improve food security by contributing to the ShareTheMeal foundation to help feed millions of people worldwide. Taking it to the next level is our commitment. We have set the following goals for our own organization:

Donate to ShareTheMeal and other similar organizations to work towards achieving a world with zero hunger. Inspire others and future generations to work together to end global hunger.

We’re combating worldwide hunger by continuing to donate to ShareTheMeal to help strengthen food bank operations to get meals delivered by experts in the nutrition field. Since the ShareTheMeal app launched in 2015, we have helped provide aid to some of the largest food crises in the world, including Yemen, Syria, and Nigeria. As our organization grows, we will extend our contributions to similar organizations to help others in need of emergency resources.

Education for All!

Globally there are underserved populations that face unpredictable times. Let's provide families with a more stable future. There are underserved communities located around the world. We want to work towards creating a world where everyone is treated equally. In Canada, underserved communities include indigenous people, low-income individuals or families, immigrant communities, refugees, women, people with disabilities, and people living in rural and remote areas.

These underserved communities often face hardships in accessing education, healthcare and employment opportunities. These communities often experience discrimination, racialization and marginalization as they face multiple forms of oppression. Kreatipedia Inc. is committed to investing in education, training and mentorship programs for employees. We believe in giving everyone a fair opportunity and want to assist others to help them reach their full potential. Our career opportunities help close the income gap, alleviate historical barriers and provide more sustainable relief for others.

Back in 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the lives of many Canadians. Most families had to cope with the rapidly changing circumstances and uncertain future. Many businesses found it difficult to operate during this time as they were forced to close. Some businesses wanted our marketing services but could not afford them due to price increases and the economy coming to a halt. At this most stressful time, we helped our clients that could not afford our services by doing more than six months of pro bono work. After six months, we worked for an additional two years at a fifty percent discount rate from the regular cost. We worked on supporting these clients to help them get back on their feet and aided them in reaching their organizational goals. As a result of providing resources and support to business owners who were unable to afford our services, we were able to give them enough time to save and maximize their profits. Our clients were able to hire more employees, increase their economic impact and recover from substantial losses. We believe that by supporting our clients' growth and development, they increased their productivity, enhanced their creative processes, attracted better leads and built stronger relationships.

We have set the following goal for our organization: 1. By 2030, we want to expand our team and provide proper training, mentoring and support to employees who want to continue growing their careers. 2. We want to focus on increasing employee productivity by 10% within the next year by implementing new technologies, training and support programs.

Environmental Sustainability!

Start preserving resources like clean air, water and wildlife for future generations. Everyone depends on the well-being of their environment to support their health, culture, and economy. In the face of industrial development, urbanization, population growth and climate change, Kreatipedia Inc. has taken action to reduce our carbon footprint. We believe in protecting the environment and encouraging others to do the same.

At Kreatipedia, we have reduced our carbon footprint by implementing these environmental techniques: Using energy-efficient equipment and appliance: such as LED lighting, programmable thermostats, eco-friendly coffee machines, etc. Implementing a recycling program: We encourage our employees to recycle paper, cardboard, plastics and other materials. Buying eco-friendly cleaning products to have them biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals that could harm the environment. Going paperless in the office: We encourage employees to use digital documents, and more online communication is the best way for us to reduce paper consumption. We promote the use of public transportation, carpooling or biking to work to minimize employees' carbon footprints. Using more sustainable transportation options reduces employees' impact on the environment. Using sustainable office supplies: office supplies that are made from 100% recycled materials, such as paper and pens, can cut down unnecessary waste. Maximizing the use of natural light is encouraged as we reduce the need for artificial lighting. Having or growing plants helps us to maintain a green space that can help improve air quality, office performance, personal moods, and focus.

The environmental techniques we have used and implemented in Kreatipedia can help reduce human activities' negative impact on the natural environment. Focusing on reducing our waste and promoting renewable resources can help us to improve the overall sustainability of Kreatipedia. Furthermore, many of our environmental techniques are designed to minimize the use of energy, water, and other resources, which can help cut waste and lead to better preservation of natural resources for future generations.

We have set the following goals for our organization: One of our goals in the future is to continue promoting our "Reusable Dishware Program" to prompt employees to stop buying and bringing disposable lunch containers to work. Looking towards the future, we look to implement more environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions as we plan to have a zero-waste compliant by 2030. Our second goal is to have every employee "Contribute Your Plant Program." Since we can't bring an entire forest into an office, we can strongly encourage every employee to get their plant to help create a healthier working environment. Adding a living plant improves air quality, employee performance, and mood and provides a clean atmosphere for our team. We hope this will continue to be an ongoing tradition past 2030 for each new addition to our team!