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As your business seeks to find a new and untapped market, you will eventually face competition in the marketplace. When it comes to standing out in the market and getting recognized, nothing is more important than developing your brand. Your brand is your signature style of communication with your customers. A well-branded business assures its customers of quality, value and meaning in its products and services.

At Kreatipedia, we are not only here to help you market your products and services; we are here to help you with your branding. Let us share our branding expertise to help you design your brand to stand apart from your competition.

Our Branding Services Include:

Brand Strategy
This involves developing a plan for the brand, which includes defining the purpose, building a customer persona, identifying the target audience, identifying core values, positioning and messaging.

Brand Naming of Business(s), Product(s) or Service(s)
This involves kreating unique and memorable names that will reflect the brand's values, beliefs and personality.

Brand Identity
This involves kreating a visual identity for the brand, such as the logo, colour palette, typography and any other graphic elements needed for branding.

Brand Messaging Statements
This involves kreating a communication and messaging strategy that will be used to share the brand’s story, vision, mission, culture, values, objectives and other benefits with the target audience.

Brand Design
This involves kreating visual elements that will be used to represent and advertise the brand across a variety of different mediums. Different mediums could be advertising, websites, social media, product design, packaging designs, marketing collaterals, infographics, stationery equipment designs, brochures, presentation designs and more.

Brand Research
This involves monitoring a brand’s reputation, ensuring consistency in branding, adjusting the branding strategy as needed and taking positive action on the feedback received to improve, solve or enhance the brand.

Brand Metrics & Analysis
This involves looking into several specific branding metrics to help track, analyze and measure the successful impact of your brand. Specific brand metrics we look at include brand awareness (i.e. social media mentions, website tracking and basic search engine rankings), brand equity ( i.e. surveys and other marketing research methodologies), brand loyalty (i.e. customer retention rates, behaviour, repeat purchases, survey responses, etc.), brand reputation (i.e. online reviews, media coverage and social media opinion analysis), and brand advocacy (i.e. net promoter score (NPS) surveys and brand/social engagement).

Brand Execution
This involves taking action to bring the brand strategy to life. Using a variety of different advertising channels and touchpoints, the brand starts rolling out marketing promotions, campaigns, advertising events, sponsorships, partnerships, influencers and more to increase the brand's exposure, influence, engagement and action.

The Kreatipedia Branding Advantage:

Kreating a brand has many benefits and Kreatipedia magnifies them to your benefit.

  • Kreating a brand has many benefits, and Kreatipedia magnifies them to your benefit.

  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty

  • Increased Customer Recognition

  • Higher Credibility

  • Improved Business Values

  • Higher Brand Equity

  • Talent Magnet

  • Brand Consistency

Branding benefits your business in many different ways that we have taken into account when helping our clients kreate their perfect branding solution.
Let Kreatipedia kreate your brand today!

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