Reimagine Your E-Commerce

Innovation in technology has led to more activity in the electronic buying or selling of products or services online. Most businesses fail due to poor innovation, not having clear return policies, poor money management, poor marketing strategy and even a lack of not utilizing technology to go online and stay up to date with the current trends. E-Commerce selling allows your business to benefit in the following ways: greater access to your customer base, better control, simple inventory management, quicker payment processes, easy returns and more! As E-Commerce is now the way of the future, now more than ever before, with more customers shopping online. Your E-Commerce business has the opportunity to kreate personalized communications with its customers, gather better customer data, improve customer loyalty and do even more with access to more significant online resources.

At Kreatipedia, we are not only here to help you market your products and services; we are here to help you improve your E-Commerce. Let us share our E-Commerce expertise to help you gain more online transactions than your competitors.

Our E-Commerce Services Entail:

Online Store Creation
When we set up your E-Commerce store, you will be able to select a theme for your website from a wide variety. We can help your business set up its design and integrate cross-device compatibility, payment gateways, shopping carts and more!

Product Listings & Descriptions
We focus on attracting your ideal buyer by creating product listings and descriptions optimized for search engines to drive relevant traffic to your website and increase sales.

Payment Processes
Setting up quick, easy and relevant payment processes is essential to guide the customer through the purchase funnel faster. We improve the handling of your payment processes, credit cards, and PayPal payments and manage the security of your transactions through your E-Commerce website.

Inventory Management
We manage your inventory to track stock levels, automate the reordering processes, conduct inventory counts, forecast, batch tracking and more.

Order Fulfillment
When a customer purchases a product or service on your E-Commerce website, we set up the process of receiving, packing, handling, tracking and shipping orders.

Customer Services
On your E-Commerce website, we set up your 24/7 customer support center, where customers can contact your store via live chats, email and phone. We bring businesses closer to their customers to grow their customer base.

E-Commerce Marketing & Advertisements
Digital communication is critical in marketing and advertisements to attract, retain, and grow your customer base. We assist in promoting your products online, managing your online campaigns, email marketing, social media marketing and more.

E-Commerce Analytics & Reporting:
The data we collect can provide insights into improving your online E-Commerce performance, starting with improving your traffic, sales, and customer behaviour and offering effective strategies to improve your E-Commerce conversion rates. We use several metrics to track your E-Commerce success: the conversion rate, average order value, customer lifetime value, cart abandonment, traffic sources, return on advertising spend (ROAS), customer acquisition cost (CAC) and more. These metrics give your E-Commerce store a better picture of its long–term financial viability.

The Kreatipedia Mobile & Apps Advantage:

E-Commerce offers many benefits and Kreatipedia utilizes our E-Commerce software to your advantage.

  • Affordable Advertising & Marketing

  • Faster Response To Customer Demands

  • More Detailed Information Provided On Products & Services

  • Unlimited Global Market Growth

  • Higher Personalized Experiences

  • Access To Your Customers Data

E-Commerce benefits your business in many different ways that we have considered when helping our clients kreate their E-Commerce store presence.
Let Kreatipedia kreate your E-Commerce store today!

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