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Reimagine Your Video and Animation

The ability to stand out online is vital to the success of your business. Developing videos and animations are one of the best ways to attract and kreate long-lasting relationships with prospective customers. Video production is utilized to record, reproduce, broadcast and display still or moving objects. In comparison, animation is the ability to sketch objects in a series of frames to manipulate the sketches to appear as though they are moving images. The benefit of effective video and animation is that it entertains your audience. With video and animation, it allows your business to share crucial information in an informative and kreative manner to bring any concept, no matter its complexity to bring it to life.

At Kreatipedia, we are not only here to help you market your products and services; we are here to help you improve your video and animation. Let us share our video and animation expertise to help you convey complex or simplistic messages effectively, quickly and visually kreative way.

Our Video & Animation Services Entail:

Video & Animation Production
Producing high-quality videos and animations for individuals and businesses, including kreating corporate videos, promotional videos, educational videos, event videos, product demonstrations and more!

Animation Videos
When your business needs multi-faceted animations then you have come to the right place. We produce animated explainer videos and short animated videos that can explain complex topics simply, engaging and entertainingly.

Motion Graphics
Our motion graphics will bring your animated designs and graphics to life by kreating visual narratives that can be seen in videos, websites and other digital media.

3D Animation
We can construct 3D environments where you can produce animated characters and scenes for films, games, or virtual reality experiences.

Live Action & Animation Hybrid Videos
Want to combine live-action videos with animation graphics or characters, then allow Kreatipedia to produce the footage you need.

Video & Animation Production
We can modify your videos and animations by editing their quality, sound, and effects and incorporating other post-production elements to appear more professional.

Visual Effects
Our VFX service can significantly enhance your videos and animations using tools such as green screen, compositing, CGI and other animation effects to make realistic imagery and footage.

Video & Animation Marketing Advertisements
Our videos and animations can be used to promote your products and services through video ads, animated ads, social media videos, email marketing, and other multimedia formats.

Video & Animation Analytics
Video and Animation metrics are essential to track to measure success and gain data-driven insights to make better future decisions. A couple of metrics for tracking video and animation include the view count, watch time, play rate, engagement rate, conversion rate, clicks and click-through rates, social sharing, return on investment and even more!

The Kreatipedia Video & Animation Advantage:

Video and animation provides’ many benefits, and Kreatipedia uses kreativity to your advantage.

  • Deeper Visual Understanding

  • Enhances Communication Of Ideas

  • Grows Business With Original Content

  • Cost Effective In Marketing

  • Delivers Deeper Emotional Messaging

Video and animation benefit your business in many different ways that we have considered when helping our clients kreate a way to stand out.
Let Kreatipedia kreate your video and animation today!

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